A Healthier YOU is a More Beautiful YOU!

  • Posted on: Jan 12 2016
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A Healthier YOU is a More Beautiful YOU!

The joys of the Holidays can take their toll, especially on our skin. Over-indulging in too much sugar, too much alcohol, and usually too little sleep, causes a strain on the body’s natural ability to repair itself. Have you noticed that the natural moisture in your skin can become unbalanced, especially when you add in the drying effects of colder winter weather, coupled with heated indoor spaces which can cause the skin to become dry, dehydrated, tight and sometimes even itchy. Vegetables and Fruits

Recommended adjustments to compensate for the colder temperatures and past Holiday cheer include:

  • Maintaining a healthier diet
  • Setting up a balanced exercise regime that you know you can stick to
  • Scheduling regular visits with trusted Medical Aesthetic Providers to ensure you’re receiving the best possible remedies to rehydrate, nourish and plump those over taxed, moisture deprived skin cells.

Lines, wrinkles, and creases begin to form with lack of cell hydration causing us to look older than we actually feel inside. It’s important to rehydrate internally with proper nutrition, a well balanced diet, and plenty of exercise, in addition to feeding the skin cells externally, to aid in a speedy recovery. When cells lose their moisture it causes the skin to look older, aged, unhealthy. The longer you wait to repair this condition, the more damage is created and the harder it is to reverse or minimize. It’s true … your insides are reflected on the outside. Stay hydrated, plump up your cells, and most important Be Happy!

A Healthier YOU is a More Beautiful YOU!

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