Address the Changes of Motherhood with a Mommy Makeover

blonde mother in white bikini holding the hand of her blond daughter running down a beach at sunset Most of the changes that come with motherhood are very welcomed. Many women express that they even welcomed the morning sickness and weight gain they experienced during pregnancy. At some point, though, concerns can arise. As many joys as motherhood brings, some women wish that their body could not look so much like it has birthed a beautiful life. This is one of several reasons why the Mommy Makeover is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in our country.

What Does a Mommy Makeover Involve?

Here is one of the most appealing aspects of the Mommy Makeover: it can involve pretty much whatever you’d like. As it sounds, the combination of procedures typically revolves around correcting the changes that were incurred by pregnancy. Common concerns develop on parts of the body that stretch and grow to accommodate a growing fetus. Some relate to the weight that can be so hard to eliminate after giving birth. However, in addition to breast and bodywork, a woman can also add other procedures into her makeover, such as an arm lift or facial rejuvenation.

Addressing the Breasts

The breasts are one of the primary areas of the body that is altered by pregnancy. The increase in breast size that coincides with weight gain may be doubly exacerbated by breastfeeding. After hormones have regulated and breastfeeding has ended, the breasts may deflate so significantly that they appear smaller than they did prior to pregnancy. The drastic changes that motherhood brings to the breasts may be addressed with augmentation surgery. To undergo breast augmentation does not mean that substantial enlargement must occur. Many women today choose a smaller implant size to bring more volume to the breasts. Additionally, breast surgery may involve a lift. Breast lift surgery can reposition nipples that have started to point downward and can reposition the breast tissue to sit higher and perkier on the chest.

Addressing the Mommy Belly

The stretching that the stomach must endure during pregnancy can change the abdominal wall forever. In addition to stubborn fat lingering across the midsection, many women struggle to regain any semblance of firmness in their tummy after childbirth. Mommy makeovers commonly include liposuction and abdominoplasty to address each of these concerns beautifully. In conjunction, liposuction and abdominoplasty both reduce and tighten the midsection.

Restore Form to Your Body

Dr. Austin is a board-certified plastic surgeon providing outstanding care to patients in the Salem area. To learn more about your perfect Mommy Makeover, schedule a consultation at 503-561-7000.

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