Addressing Two Key Areas can Refresh the Face in an Instant

Every year, millions of people seek treatment for facial aging. You may have begun to experience some of the changes that we frequently address; deepening creases around the nose and mouth, loss of curvature in the cheeks. There are several more we could list. When the body reaches that age where collagen is degrading faster than it is being produced, concerning cosmetic changes may seem to develop overnight. In our Salem office, patients can get a dramatic refresher by addressing just two key areas of the face with convenient injectable treatment.

Injectables like Botox and dermal fillers have become well-known for their convenience and strong safety record. In recent years, the variety of product choices has expanded quite a bit. This allows providers to address specific problem areas such as the lips and the eyes in less than an hour.

For the Eyes

There are two ways in which the eyes can change with age. One is that the brow line starts to droop. If this happens, the upper eyelids can look heavy. The face may also lose that friendly feel it once had. An additional and very common problem that we see in our practice is the development of under-eye bags.  Puffiness results from the loss of elasticity and firmness in the delicate skin beneath the eyes. Puffy, heavy eyes age the face and make you look tired. Both problems can be corrected in a single visit.

To reduce under-eye bags, a dermal filler product can be introduced into the upper cheek where a crease has formed. When the crease is filled, the transition between the upper cheek and lower eyelid is smoothed out. Smoothing the crease makes puffiness disappear.

For the sagging brow, Botox can be used. A few injections of this drug soften the contracted muscle that is pulling the brow line downward. The conservative use of Botox can beautifully refresh the face without impeding facial expression.

For the Lips

There are two ways in which injections can improve the lip area. Most of the time, people think of dermal fillers the benefits of adding volume to deflated or thin lips. While we do routinely use dermal fillers for this purpose, there’s more that can be done to rejuvenate this key area of the face. Using either dermal fillers or Botox (or a combination of the two), it is possible to correct corners of the mouth that have turned downward with age.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to treat lines and wrinkles. Turn to the pros. Call our Salem office at 503-561-7000 to schedule your Botox or dermal filler treatment. 

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