Breast Beauty: Size Isn’t Everything

Breast Lift Historically, when we’ve looked at the topic of breasts, there’s been a tendency to discuss the matter of size. Some women wish they were smaller. Some wish they were larger. At some point, what a lot of women want more than anything is for their breasts to face forward once again. Aging and life experiences have a profound effect on the body. What once felt firm and voluminous eventually turns, well, squishy. Breast deflation is one matter, breast drooping is another. Unfortunately, the two often coincide.

Is there anything a woman can do to slow the process of breast sagging? There might be. Here, we offer a few suggestions for managing perky breasts.

Protect Them

  • Wear sunscreen. Did you know that UV light breaks down collagen? Collagen is the protein the firms the skin and holds things where they’re supposed to be. Collagen breakdown in the superficial tissue on the chest is not entirely responsible for breast laxity, but it does play a role. Apply sunscreen to your chest whenever the skin is exposed.
  • Maintain a stable weight. When a woman gains weight, the fat cells in her breasts may expand. When she loses weight, they will likely shrink. The fluctuations can place stress supportive tissue, leading to drooping over time.

Support Them

Breasts need support through various avenues, some of which may surprise you.

  • Choose your bras carefully. A good support bra is one that fits the natural curves of the breasts. Pushing the breasts up is not a method of support. In fact, some studies suggest that push-up bras, by doing all the work, allow the pectoral muscles to atrophy. Without muscular support, the breasts are much more likely to droop.
  • Tone the pectoral muscles. In addition to tossing the push-ups aside, women who want to sustain perky breasts are encouraged to engage in those chest exercises they tend to avoid. A few flies, downward dogs, or push-ups a day will not transform your shape toward the masculine. They will, however, lay a foundation of support for breast tissue.

Ultimately, sagging breasts may get the most support from a well-performed breast lift. This surgical procedure repositions breast tissue to project forward rather than downward. The trimming of skin creates a new envelop to secure breasts in their higher position on the chest wall.

Learn more about what a breast lift has to offer. Call our Salem office at 503-561-7000.

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