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Can Plastic Surgery Recovery be Expedited?

male doctor consulting a female patient about her facial plastic procedure There’s no denying the fact that we have come to expect a certain degree of speed from the normal processes of life. For example, we rarely wait more than a few minutes for a good meal or good entertainment. This expectation of quickness in (almost) all things even extends into many people’s ideas about cosmetic surgery. One of the primary questions patients have is how long their recovery will take.

Any surgical procedure that is performed will have a degree of effect on the body. How much depends on the complexity of the procedure. Additionally, the length and overall experience of recovery are also affected by genetics and habits. Because habits are well within each person’s control, it is safe to say that there are steps that can be taken to expedite the recovery process after surgery.

Facilitating a faster recovery means supporting physical healing. Some ways that our patients can support their recuperation include:

Plan Early

What is done before surgery affects the post-surgical recovery period. One of the most significant recommendations before surgery is to stop smoking. This habit inhibits oxygen uptake into tissues throughout the body. When incisions are made and muscle and fat tissue adjusted in any way, sufficient oxygenation is vital to healing.

Another habit that has been shown to slow the body’s natural healing mechanisms is drinking. Even if the norm is to consume a glass of wine at dinner or a small nightcap before bed, there are good reasons to take a temporary break from alcohol before an impending surgical procedure. When alcohol is consumed for even a few days in a row, the body naturally produces more of the liver enzyme needed to metabolize alcoholic substances. This can inhibit the metabolism of anesthetic drugs, causing your body to work overtime to detoxify.

Follow Through

In addition to preparing the body for surgery, it is necessary to carefully follow post-surgical recommendations to promote a healthy recovery phase. Interestingly, one of the most advantageous measures may be one of the most difficult: rest. As much as it might sound appealing, rest is far more challenging to put into practice than it is to admire. However, if the objective is to heal quickly and heal well, rest should be priority Number One.

To counterbalance the rest the body needs after surgery, patients are also encouraged to begin moving throughout the day. Not a lot; just a walk from one room to another may be how it all starts. Walking short distances supports circulation that inhibits the formation of blood clots. Also, circulating blood carries oxygen to healing tissues.

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