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Gynecomastia Recovery: What You May Encounter

Male Breast Reduction, Salem, ORGynecomastia surgery can have as profound an effect on a man’s life as the male breasts he’s been living with. Having enlarged breasts can cause immense and unnecessary suffering. Some men attempt to hide their chest with loose and baggy clothing while others compress their breasts with a special bra made for gynecomastia. Some men try to work their breasts into shape in the gym and others believe that if they just lose weight or stay consistent with a recommended supplement that their chest would take on a more masculine form.

There is a lot of misinformation out there about male breasts and how to correct this problem. Our role in treating patients is to ensure they receive clear and concise information from the onset of care through their recovery process. One of the big questions that men have before undergoing male breast reduction is what to expect during recovery. We’ll discuss a few details here.

What to Expect after Male Breast Reduction

  • Most patients know they will have some bruising and swelling after surgery. What they may be surprised by is the lack of energy they encounter. It is important to know that energy may build back up gradually for as long as 8 weeks after surgery. “Pushing it” is not a way to speed up the process. Rest, hydration, and healthy eating are the only strategies for managing post-operative fatigue.
  • Most men have received messages that emotions are something to avoid, even fear. Therefore, the natural emotional ups and downs that occur after surgery can significantly disrupt a man’s general state of well-being. The thing is, surgery does a lot to the body. Anesthesia has an effect on the body. These two things together almost always lead to unexpected feelings of sadness that seem out of place. Knowing that emotional highs and lows are normal can help a patient manage their state of mind and stress level much better with the help of a strong support system.
  • Healing processes vary. Some men may bruise very little while others observe significant bruising. Some men develop a rash around the nipple or breast and some feel itching but no rash. Some men’s nipples seem to invert after gynecomastia surgery and others look asymmetrical with swelling. There are numerous ways in which healing occurs. In nearly every situation, the body recovers fully within a year after treatment.

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