It’s Time to Treat Yourself With the Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeover

Whether you’re a first-time mother or have been a parent for a while, your body has gone through a lot. It is still essential that you take time for yourself. An amazing approach to reward yourself and regain your pre-baby physique is with a Mommy Makeover. We’ll go through the advantages and specifics of why now is the ideal time to have a Mommy Makeover in this blog article. By the time it’s through, you’ll know how it can help you regain your confidence and be ready to book this game-changing procedure.

What Is It?

This comprehensive operation can aid in regaining confidence and alleviate several typical problems associated with pregnancy, including extra belly fat, drooping breasts, sagging skin, and weak abdominal muscles. Let’s go through the specifics of the Mommy Makeover operation and explain why this life-altering procedure is best done right now.


A thorough consultation with your plastic surgeon is required as the first phase of the Mommy Makeover treatment to determine which surgeries would best suit your requirements and goals. They could include liposuction, a stomach tuck, breast augmentation or lift surgery, and more, depending on your particular needs. To begin enjoying your results as soon as possible after recovery has occurred, the next step is to schedule your surgery date.


Upon full recovery following surgery, you’ll see a big difference in how you appear and feel, giving you the confidence you need to take on the world. You’ll be able to fit back into your clothing and rediscover hobbies like swimming or jogging without being self-conscious about your appearance in a bathing suit or gym attire. Also, each patient receives specialized treatment that is tailored precisely for them because no two people have the same Mommy Makeover experience. This ensures that results are long-lasting for outcomes that seem natural.

Get Your Mommy Makeover With Dr. Edwin Austin

If you are a mother in or around the Salem, Oregon area that is looking to get your body back to how it was before pregnancy with a Mommy Makeover, then look no further than Dr. Edwin Austin! Dr. Austin is a board certified plastic surgeon that can assure you get the best results. Contact us today at  503-561-7000 or visit us online at to schedule your consultation!

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