Overcome Your Male Breast Inhibition With Reduction Surgery

topless athletic man As a man, when you have exhausted all avenues to reduce your large breasts through diet, exercise, and living a healthy lifestyle – reduction surgery can be the answer. Overcome your inhibitions and revive your self-esteem. Worries about recovering from surgery should not deter you from making the choice to undergo a male breast reduction. This is especially true when your overall body is in good shape.

Benefits of Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Men having large breasts – a condition known as gynecomastia – are typically inhibited by the appearance of their chest. Even though gynecomastia is not a medical condition requiring breast reduction surgery, elimination of this embarrassing condition can increase a man’s overall self-esteem.

When self-consciousness is eliminated, a man can lead a more proactive, healthy lifestyle, and gain the confidence to be more outgoing socially.

Self-esteem gains from male breast reduction surgery include:

  • Removal of fat tissue
  • Removal of glandular tissue
  • Removal of excess skin, if necessary

The results are a flat, firm, sculpted chest profile.

Lifestyle Changes To Boost Male Breast Reduction Surgery Outcome

Post-surgery, you must be proactive and make changes to your lifestyle choices. This will reduce the chances of gynecomastia reoccurring. These pro choices will maintain your physical, mental, and financial investment in the procedure.

These pro-lifestyle choices are:

  • Reducing alcohol and sugar consumption
  • Not smoking or using chewing tobacco products in any form (no vaping allowed)
  • Not taking steroids or hormonal supplements of any kind (Rx or OTC)
  • Exercising regularly, including a cardiovascular regimen
  • Eating fruits and vegetables with an emphasis on veggies of color

Breast reduction surgery can increase your self-confidence and make you proud of your appearance. However, it may not meet your idealistic expectations. It is important that you speak honestly with your doctor about the change to your looks you believe is ideal.

Consult With a Skillful Male Breast Reduction Surgeon

If your self-esteem is being hindered by large male breasts, you need to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is skilled in performing gynecomastia. Call 503-561-7000, to schedule your consultation with Edwin Austin, MD, at his Salem, OR office.

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