Should I Choose BOTOX® or Dysport®?

Pretty smiling woman with clean skin in white fluffy sweater Among aesthetic treatments and non-invasive cosmetic procedures, dermal injectables or fillers have become a popular option to treat and potentially reverse the signs of aging. Although each type of filler addresses a particular dermal issue, they offer a safe, effective and convenient way to achieve or keep a youthful look.

Of the dermal fillers available, the likely most popular one does very little to fill in lost volume on the face. BOTOX®, a formula that uses botulinum toxin A, works by blocking signals sent to the muscles in your face and preventing them from contracting in a way that causes new wrinkles or deepens creases that are already there.

As technology and research with cosmetic treatments advance, more options become available. One of these options is a new formulation of botulinum toxin A. Dysport® works in a very similar way as BOTOX®, but its unique formulation might make it a better option for you.

Compared to Dysport®, BOTOX® is a somewhat thicker solution and is about 6 times as potent in the same injected amount. This makes it a great option for blocking the contraction of larger facial muscles, such as those around the eyes and forehead. However, if too much is used in smaller muscles, a less natural appearance may result.

Dysport®, on the other hand, while being a diluted form of BOTOX®, is also much more fluid. This allows it to be spread and reach into more delicate areas without creating a numb or flat look to the facial muscles. Dysport® works best in smaller areas around the eyebrows or frown lines.

Although both results are temporary and tend to wear off over time, repeated treatments can begin to build on one another, and in some cases, you will begin to go longer between each treatment session.

If you are considering adding a dermal injectable or filler to your cosmetic or aesthetic treatment plan, contact Dr. Edwin Austin at Oregon Plastic Surgeons in Portland, OR, to see if BOTOX® or Dysport® is better for you. Visit or call 503-561-7000 to schedule a consultation and get started on achieving your aesthetic goals.

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