Three Things You Must Have After Plastic Surgery

Of all the patients who visit us, the vast majority are looking forward to achieving their desired improvements. Regardless of whether you are planning to have a facial procedure like blepharoplasty or a body procedure like a tummy tuck, chances are you are envisioning your final results already. This is the fun part of plastic surgery. After your consultation, the journey is in the hands of your trusted plastic surgeon and the surgical team for a short time. Once your procedure is done, the rest is up to you. Plastic surgery recovery need not be a hassle. It need not be a drag. Here, we discuss three must-haves that will help you recover well.

Must-Have #1 – Help

You may realize that you will be somewhat limited after having surgery. You may be limited because of physical restrictions and you may be limited because the pain medication you’re prescribed makes you groggy. Plastic surgery patients are advised to get help around the house for at least a few days. They are told that they will probably need someone to help them keep up with their pain medication and assist them with daily tasks like getting to the bathroom and brushing their teeth. Still, there is no way to adequately prepare for what it feels like to need someone’s help. This can trip you up if you’re not aware of the difficulty you may face having someone else do the cooking, childcare, pet care, and You-care, even if for only a week.

We suggest to acknowledge that this may be harder than you think and then doing it anyway. Assemble your support team. Tell them you may struggle with letting them help you. And instruct them to do it anyway. Soon enough, you will be back to your normal routine of taking care of it all.

Must-Have #2 – Home Remedies

Prescription pain medication is a known must-have after most plastic surgery procedures. Patients should also have other remedies on hand. A fiber powder is one suggestion. Magnesium citrate tablets are another. You need not have both but you may want one. These remedies can counteract the constipating effects of your prescription pain medication. Additionally, you will want two ice packs. This way, one is always sufficiently cold and ready for use.

Must-Have #3 – Patience

Once your plastic surgery is planned, you’re ready to see those results. You know you will experience some degree of swelling and bruising, but this knowledge isn’t always enough to prevent frustration when the final outcome of surgery doesn’t come as quickly as you’d like. Depending on the procedure you have done, it can take months to see the definitive results of surgery. Luckily, most patients see a significant reduction in swelling and bruising within 10 days of their procedure. Hang on! Those results are coming!

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