Treating Excess Skin After Weight Loss

The weight loss journey can be a struggle. You’ve spent countless hours in the gym shedding pounds and building muscles. You dramatically changed your lifestyle and what you eat. You worked hard, and it can sometimes feel like it was all for not when your body doesn’t reflect that goal weight on the scale. Being lighter and healthier feels great, but you may be carrying around the reminder of your prior lifestyle in the form of excess, sagging skin.

If you are frustrated after your weight loss because excess skin and stubborn fat are masking your results, Dr. Austin can help. He provides tailored body contouring programs to help you break free from those unwanted folds of skin following significant weight loss, allowing the chance to embrace the new, amazing you.

Why Does Sagging Skin Develop?

Your skin is comprised of elastin fibers that act similar to rubber bands. It is designed to regain its normal shape after it has been stretched. However, like a rubber band, when your skin has stretched too quickly or been stretched for too long, it struggles to revert to its original shape. This is why people who lose smaller amounts of weight don’t struggle with excess skin but those who lose large amounts of weight do. Chances are your skin was stretched too far for too long.

Other factors will affect whether you develop sagging skin following your weight loss. Just because you lose a major amount of weight doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have excess skin, and just because you lost a smaller amount doesn’t mean won’t develop hanging skin. Genetics plays an important role in determining who will have redundant skin throughout their weight loss journey. While many people will try to tell you to just drink water and not to lose the weight rapidly to avoid drooping tissue, the fact is that if it’s in your genes, it will probably happen.

Tailored Body Contouring After Your Weight Loss

Dr. Austin believes all of his patients should be happy, confident, and comfortable with their bodies. Aside from the less desirable aesthetics caused by excess skin, many people suffer from emotional pain and physical discomfort caused by the skin. Body contouring is designed to not only provide you with a new physique, but it can also greatly improve your quality of life. Additionally, removing excess skin and stubborn fat relieves many patients of an additional five to 20 pounds (depending on the amount of tissue removed) and sheds inches from your waistline.

Our tailored body contouring process combines multiple procedures to present you with a firmer, more defined appearance. Common components of a body contouring procedure include:

  • Extended tummy tuck, which addresses the skin around the abdomen, upper hips, lower back, and buttocks.
  • Thigh lift to improve the contour of the inner and outer thighs.
  • Arm lift, which slims and firms the upper arms.
  • Neck lift to remove excess skin that causes your double chin.
  • Breast lift for women to reposition drooping breasts.
  • Male breast reduction in men to restore a toned, masculine chest contour.

If you are ready to transform your body and embrace the new, amazing you, schedule your consultation with Dr. Austin today. You can call our office at 503.561.7000 or contact us online.

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