What Contributes to Facial Aging and What Can I Do About It?

Many adults are at least somewhat concerned about how their appearance is changing with age. The biological process of aging cannot be stopped. From what scientists have learned, though, there are ways that it can be slowed. This is especially relevant to cosmetic aging. Studies have shown us a few factors that strongly contribute to aging. From this knowledge, various strategies have been suggested. Some of them fit into daily living, others boost the skin’s regenerative abilities or physically correct certain signs of aging.


Sun Exposure

We know how good it can feel to let the sunshine warm your skin. Studies indicate that we can benefit from a little bit of sunshine every morning. Studies also indicate that more than a few minutes of early morning sunshine holds more dangers than rewards. That suntan may look good at the moment, but it is the leading cause of premature aging. Years after those tanning days, the skin looks dry and leathery, spotted and wrinkled. These signs of sun damage are avoidable. Just apply SPF 30 sunscreen daily and avoid sun exposure during peak hours. If previous sun exposure has caused spots and other concerns, visit our Salem office for IPL treatments.


Cigarette smoking is bad for health. It’s also bad for the skin. The smoke from cigarettes lingers right next to facial skin. It gets absorbed into tissue, where it causes superficial blood vessels to narrow. The chemicals in cigarette smoke also degrade collagen and elastin, thereby contributing to weak, loose skin. The best way to protect the skin is to avoid smoking. Additionally, treatments like micro peels or DermaSweep facials can be scheduled to encourage new collagen and elastin production.


Daily dietary habits don’t just influence weight, they affect the entire body. When we eat fresh fruits and vegetables, we provide the body with the nutrients that act as building blocks to firm, healthy, resilient tissues. In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, the skin loves healthy fats like olive oil and nuts. Finally, hydration is something to prioritize as we seek to support aging skin.

Aging will influence the appearance of the skin. It doesn’t have to degrade beauty. To schedule a consultation for facial rejuvenation in our Salem office, call 503-561-7000.

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