What Is Recovery From Eyelid Surgery Like?

natural makeup beauty eyes and lips female young model Since that forms the eyelid is much thinner than the skin in other places on the face, your eyelids are susceptible to sagging and changing shape. There is often the first sign of aging in the face, and if severe enough may hamper your vision. Performed for cosmetic or functional reasons, blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is a plastic surgery procedure that helps correct drooping or sagging eyelids.

Although eyelid surgery involves the delicate skin and tissues around the eyes, it is proven safe and effective with minimal risk of severe side effects or issues after the surgery.

Your surgeon may be able to perform the procedure using only local anesthesia and sedation. However, some patients who are anxious during medical procedures may elect to have general anesthesia used. Depending on whether the upper or lower eyelids or both are going to be operated on, the entire process is usually no longer than 2 hours.

Patients who undergo eyelid surgery can usually return to work within a few days or a week. Lubricating drops or ointments and cold compresses can help reduce swelling and pain. These are both minimal and rarely interfere with daily life. However, patients are advised to avoid exercise and strenuous activity or exertion for at least two weeks following surgery.

The most common reaction to the procedure is swelling and bruising around the surgical side. These will slowly subside on their own during the first two weeks after surgery. There may also be moderate irritation to the eye itself, but lubricating drops or ointments can help minimize the discomfort.

Although extremely rare, some healing and scarring may become uneven and require a revision surgical procedure. Scars and incision lines from eyelid surgery usually go away over time.

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