Plastic Surgery Edwin Austin, MD is rated 4.1 out of 5.0 based on 221 ratings.

I had my first meet & greet / Consultation appointment with DR Austin today. He explained everything about the future surgery. The pros & cons. I felt he cared for my safety and great results. He made me feel at ease. Super professional. My husband was impressed as well. A bit more fine tuning on my part. I will see you for a F/U Consultation in the near future.
Gabriela Dickson
I had a breast reduction 4 months ago on July 3rd, 2023. I am 53 I have wanted a breast reduction for years, but it wasn't a benefit for me until last year. When I met Dr. Austin I was automatically at ease. He made me feel really comfortable and put me at ease. Dr. Austin is an amazing surgeon and did an amazing job. I am so glad I had it done. If anyone is thinking about having a breast reduction or any plastic surgery, I highly recommend contacting Dr. Austin. I can't forget to mention how nice and inviting the staff is. Dr. Austins medical assistant Stephanie was awesome as well.
Kathryn Green
My experience with Dr Austin has been amazing! I have wanted a breast reduction for so long, I’m 58 and wish I would have done it years ago! I really do feel so much better. I walk everyday without back pain. If you’re thinking about this surgery…, just do it. It’s really been the best thing I’ve done for myself.
Suzie Heide
I went for a consultation summer of 2022. Dr. Austin and his staff are polite and communicative. I Had my first elective lift and augmentation in October of 2022. Dr. Austin is very patient, informative, and his bed side manner is top tier. I was informed that due to the lift I would require a second procedure to accomplish the size result I was looking for. Once again very informative. To say that I was happy with the first augmentation would be an understatement! I am a mother of 4 and Dr. Austin did a beautiful job. 8 months later I went in for my second augmentation. Now, I have exactly what I was trying to accomplish and done beautifully. I have very minimal scars, no lumps or bumps, pain. I am more than pleased with my results and would recommend Dr. Austin to anyone looking for a Plastic surgeon.
Krista Andrade
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Patty Mabless
I recently had an appointment with Fallon Holloway, RN. Fallon nails the balance between professionalism and friendliness. With every interaction it was clear how much she values making her patients feel comfortable in her office and confident with their treatments choices, which she helps to individualize. Fallon was super knowledgeable when helping me to create a treatment plan that aligned with my goals. She demonstrated such a patient-centered approach rather than a "1 size fits all" attitude, which I really appreciated! Her passion for her work is evident. I was so impressed by her ability to thoroughly answer all my questions, even citing a few current research pieces on techniques, which shows me how much she values staying up to date on her skills and knowledge. I'd trust her with my face any day. Thanks Fallon!
Kim Hogstrom
It was unfortunate to be told Dr Edwin did the procedure I was looking for and he would see me for a consultation after i received a PA from my primary care insurance. After all of the time I spent finally getting the PA I was turned away, suddenly being told that he doesn't do the procedure that I needed. Despite me calling months prior to confirm he did, AND my Native American care coordination team. I am beyond disappointed by the blatant mistruths and complete waste of my time. Simply not doing the procedure is one thing. But to prolong my access to care because of an inability to be transparent about intentions is a slap to the face. Tell me why I was expected to put in the effort I did to get what the asked of me just for them to tell me it doesn't matter because they won't see me anyway.
Dakota Merrifield
Dr. Austin is talented, professional and provides the desired results. I would give him my very highest recommendation.
sharon hayes
I had a rather lumpy bumpy mastectomy scar. Another surgeon told me it "didn't look that bad and that insurance wouldn't pay and that trying to fix it might not work." A couple of years later it was still bothering me so I got a referral to Dr. Austin. He said, "yes, I can fix that." His office got insurance approval within 24 hours and scheduled me for surgery. He was great to explain the procedure before and after. He did an really nice job and I am very happy with the outcome.
Catherine Jacobson
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Jerlas Kasereka Ungana

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