Plastic Surgery Edwin Austin, MD is rated 4.1 out of 5.0 based on 221 ratings.

William Connel-limer
Very unfortunate that this man is a medical professional that outright refuses service to trans individuals seeking QOL and Life-Saving care that's already been approved by insurance.
Leaf Leaferson
Has severe issues with transphobia, in it's staff and design. Let people be who they want to be!
got refused for asking about trans-affirming healthcare. when asked what differences in procedure were for a trans person vs a cis person, was stonewalled and said "we would prefer not to do the procedure [on a trans person]" very cool, normal, and legal interaction. 10/10 would get discriminated against again!
Lyra A
Millianne Rios
Yaakov Tedford
Dr Austin was amazing! The staff was so friendly and helpful . I would definitely recommend ! Thank you Dr Austin for such an awesome job and staff!
angel martinez

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