7 Details You Should Know about Dermaplaning

Many of us dream of having baby-soft skin, especially as the signs of aging start to appear on the face. Whether to smooth out fine lines or to remove peach fuzz and brighten the complexion, dermaplaning is a treatment that more and more people are seeking. The treatment takes less than an hour and produces quick results. It is somewhat like a professional shave, which leads to a lot of questions for most people. Why would a woman want to shave her face? Wouldn’t that invite thicker hair growth? No. Because dermaplaning is not your average shave. Here are a few things you may not know about this innovative treatment.

  • Dermaplaning removes peach fuzz. We call the ultra-fine vellus hair that grows on the face “peach fuzz.” For many women, this hair becomes thicker or more noticeable with age, causing difficulty with makeup and self-consciousness. Dermaplaning removes these hairs so skin looks and feels smooth and youthful.
  • Dermaplaning removes skin cells. Because this treatment resembles shaving, it is easy to assume the primary reason to have it done is to remove that pesky peach fuzz. There’s more to it than that. The scraping technique removes the fine layer of cellular debris that naturally accumulates on the epidermis. This can reduce the appearance of fine lines for up to six months.
  • There is no downtime. Many facials available today create side effects like redness and swelling. Some cause the skin to flake and peel for several days. Dermaplaning does not cause side effects, so patients can immediately resume normal activities (taking care to apply sunscreen).
  • Results last. Up to 3 weeks of accumulated dead skin cells get removed in a single dermaplaning treatment. This alone achieves results that can last up to 4 weeks. Then, throw in some good daily skincare using medical-grade products, and you can extend these results several months.
  • Dermaplaning helps skincare products work better. When you invest in good skincare products, you want them to work. Cellular debris prevents this. Once the uppermost layer of dead cells is removed by dermaplaning, products can be absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin.
  • A surgical scalpel is used. Providers trained in dermaplaning use a sterile surgical scalpel to scrape the skin. This is not painful and needs no anesthetic.
  • Only a trained professional should perform this treatment. Dermaplaning is not shaving. Women should not attempt to achieve the same results by shaving their faces with a household razor. The benefits of dermaplaning stem from the sharpness of the surgical scalpel and the delicate technique the provider uses. Attempting to DIY this treatment could lead to cuts, razor bumps, and irritation.

We are excited to offer dermaplaning in our Salem, OR office. To schedule your treatment, call 503-561-7000.

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