Why Face-Shaving is Ideal for Women, Too

Of the many tips we receive about keeping the skin healthy and vibrant, shaving certainly seems like an odd one. And yet, this is exactly what many celebs do before big events. It is what Dr. Terry Dubrow of Botched fame recommends for women wanting a quick refresher for their skin. Here, we discuss the concept of dermablading and why shaving the face isn’t a skincare practice that only benefits men.

What is dermablading?

Dermablading, also referred to as dermaplaning, is a professional treatment that is a mere resemblance of the shaving your favorite man does every day. This treatment should be performed only by licensed, trained estheticians, nurses, or physicians. It involves scraping dry skin with a surgical blade to remove not only the vellus hair called “peach fuzz” but also to exfoliate the dead and damaged cells that have accumulated on the epidermis. We all gather dead cells on the skin, which leads to a dull complexion, rough texture, clogged pores, and lack of skincare efficacy.

Why shave the face to remove skin cells? Patients appreciate this technique because there is no heat, as there is with lasers. There are also no chemicals applied to the skin (though it is possible to combine a chemical peel with dermablading). After treatment, unclogged pores and a clean slate of skin are better able to absorb the nourishing ingredients from skincare products. Without a layer of unviable cells on the epidermis, the skin feels softer and looks brighter.

What does dermablading feel like?

Understandably, many patients assume that dermablading must be uncomfortable. It isn’t. Remember, men’s faces have been shaved using surgical blades and straight razors for many, many years. In fact, straight razors are gentler on the skin than the razors we have become accustomed to using. Blades scrape hair and surface skin precisely rather than pulling some hair and tugging at the skin. The side effects of dermablading are limited to redness that may last up to 24 hours. This is not severe redness; it is more like a mild sunburn.

There are several ways to promote healthy, vibrant skin. If you are looking to add a powerful professional treatment to your anti-aging program, call 503-561-7000. We would love to see you in our Salem, OR office.

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