Debunking Common Otoplasty Myths

Ear surgery Otoplasty, also known as ear surgery, is the surgical altering of the ears. This is often done for cosmetic purposes to reshape or restore function to the ear. However, like most cosmetic surgeries, there are some common misconceptions that can mislead people about otoplasty. Let’s explore and debunk some common myths about ear surgery.

Otoplasty Is Only for Children

Otoplasty is often associated with being for children because of the popularity of ear pinning surgery. Ear pinning surgery is done on children to correct protruding or “large” ears. This is often performed at a young age to prevent teasing and unnecessary ridicule. However, otoplasty includes a wide range of ear surgeries. Ear pinning is not exclusive to children, and people of all ages can take advantage of it.

Otoplasty Is Only for Aesthetics

While otoplasty is commonly used to correct the aesthetics of an ear, that is not always the case. Otoplasty can be used for functional purposes in conditions like a stretched earlobe, a torn earlobe, or other ear injuries. Otoplasty is commonly used after ear jewelry injuries or general ear injuries.

Otoplasty Leaves Noticeable Scars

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that is likely to leave scars. However, they are unlikely to be noticeable scars. Incisions used with otoplasty are most commonly placed behind the ear, where scars will be nearly invisible. Over time, even those scars will fade and blend in with the skin. Even if they do not fade as much as you’d like, they will likely be covered by the front of your ears.

Otoplasty Is Just for Protruding Ears

While otoplasty is used to treat protruding ears, that is not its only use. Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that can treat many ear conditions and abnormalities. Otoplasty can be used to treat cupped ears, lopped ears, stretched ears, asymmetrical ears, and more.

Seeking Treatment

Your ears are the framework of your facial balance. That’s why Dr. Edwin Austin provides otoplasty services to give you the ears you deserve. Dr. Austin has over two decades of professional experience and brings his expertise to every procedure. Dr. Austin takes the time to understand your needs and explains every step of your treatment. If you’re considering otoplasty, then trust Dr. Austin’s expertise and contact his office at 503-561-7000 today.

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