The Benefits of Male Breast Reduction Surgery

male breast reduction According to an article published on Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, gynecomastia (male breast enlargement) significantly impacts self-esteem and other aspects of mental and emotional health, particularly in teenage boys. Some may even go to great lengths to avoid physical contact with others in an effort to conceal it. While gynecomastia from hormonal changes during puberty tends to go away independently, some individuals may experience this condition throughout their lives. If you’re considering treatment options for gynecomastia, here’s how male breast reduction surgery can help.

Understanding Gynecomastia

Although males produce some estrogen, their testosterone levels are often significantly greater. However, when there is an imbalance in these hormones, breast tissue can expand in response to the greater supply of estrogen. As a result, gynecomastia develops.

The hormonal imbalance that causes this condition can be due to several factors, including but not limited to genetic predisposition, obesity, and certain medications.

Benefits of Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Men generally elect to have male breast reduction surgery done in order to enhance their appearance and boost their confidence levels. It’s possible that reducing the size of your breast tissue will allow you to feel more at ease in your clothes. The surgery may also be beneficial in alleviating pain or discomfort brought on by excessive breast tissue, especially during physical activity.

Some men with gynecomastia also often complain of back discomfort. When someone carries extra weight on their chest, it might affect how they maintain their posture, resulting in various back issues. However, after having male breast reduction surgery, you may immediately notice an improvement in the way you stand and how your back feels.

Male Breast Reduction in Salem, MA

Liposuction, surgery, or a combination of the two, are all viable options for male breast reduction. Liposuction is used to remove fat from the breasts if it is the primary cause of the enlargement. On the other hand, breast enlargement due to excess glandular tissue may only be corrected surgically.

To see if you are a good candidate for male breast reduction in Salem, MA, schedule an appointment with Dr. Edwin Austin, MD, by calling (503) 561-7000.

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