“I had my first surgery for removal of a sebaceous cyst. Dr. Austin did a splendid job with no post-operative pain. He is a talented surgeon. As soon as you meet and talk with him you realize your problems are over. My friend stated “Pete, with Dr. Austin at the helm all is well, put your worries aside”. Dr. Austin is a very altruistic person and he has the best bedside manner of any doctor I have every had previously.”

~ Pete

“I never saw myself as being the “typical” plastic surgery patient. But after two children and the merging of my breasts with my stomach, I found myself unhappy and wanted to do something about it. I researched doctors in the area, asked my doctor for referrals, and asked friends who they suggested I use. Two co-workers had used and loved Dr. Austin and he was also who my family physician had recommended. When I met Dr. Austin and his staff I was amazed how at-ease I was. All my questions were answered and felt comfort in knowing Dr. Austin would never do anything that didn’t fit my body or would cause future health problems. The day of my surgery I had nurses telling me how wonderful Dr. Austin was and how lucky I was to have chosen such a great doctor. After having a breast lift and augmentation, I know how lucky I am to have chosen such a great doctor! Dr. Austin and Debi (staff) went above and beyond during this procedure and I couldn’t be happier!”

~ Kelly F.

Dr. Austin & his team were amazing! They are professional, but also personable, so you feel very comfortable. They explained everything prior to my augmentation very clearly so that I didn’t have any worries or questions. And afterwards they have been great about letting me know how things are going with my healing. Would definitely be back!

~ Anonymous 7/16/2018.

“Dr. Austin, Thank you and your staff for the excellent quality of care that I have been given in the past six months. I particularly appreciate your incredible medical skills, spirit of kindness and calm, as well as your sense of humor. Having breast cancer was definitely a challenging bump in the road. However, with your expertise, the journey has been something that my husband and I have been able to manage. We adore you and your sweet staff.”

~ Anonymous 2/8/2018

Dr. Austin and Mary, I just wanted you both to know that I appreciate you and the genuine care that you have shown me. Words cannot express how very appreciative and grateful I am of the total care I have received all through my cancer treatment. I am so glad to have your as part of my medical team!

~ S.M. – 12/2017

Dr. Austin and the entire team provide fabulous care. The practice offers many services that are meaningful to many different needs. The range is from a surgical need to your skincare goals. I appreciate how thoughtful Dr. Austin is regarding what makes his practice outstanding.

~ Michele S.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, I had a bilateral mastectomy, and Dr. Austin handled the reconstruction portion of my treatment. Every aspect of the care I have received from Dr. Austin has been exemplary including his surgical expertise, patience, sincerity, wisdom, and generosity. Dr. Austin is an excellent communicator and clearly explained each portion of the process to my husband and me. He is also a true master of his specialty, garnering results that exceeded my expectations. Dr. Austin’s office is calm, organized, and efficient. His staff is as friendly, kind and customer-service oriented as Dr. Austin, a high standard, for sure. The faith we have in Dr. Austin has given us peace during a turbulent time, and so we are grateful to him for his significant part in my recovery.”

~ Anonymous.

“Dr. Austin is an artist who takes pride in the final outcome. I would highly recommend his professional service to anyone seeking reconstructive or cosmetic surgery.”

~ Anonymous

“I met with Dr. Austin to discuss a possible mastectomy with reconstruction. He is such a caring, attentive and knowledgeable doctor. He explained every option that was available to me. He never once pressured me in any way to do anything I didn’t want to do, he always put my medical condition first. I always felt important and cared for. All of my needs were always met from the entire front office staff. They always treated me with understanding, respect and care. Dr. Austin and his staff have gone above and beyond with every single encounter I have with them. Dr. Austin is the most proficient medical provider I have every had. ”

~ J.

“After bariatric surgery I lost a lot of weight. My thoughts turned to plastic surgery. I asked medical friends for their recommendations & Dr. Austin’s name was always mentioned first. They praised his meticulous work. They also added that I not only would be getting top notch work but that he is also and all around caring and nice guy. They were right! I had a tummy tuck & breast lift and then my arms and thighs. Dr. Austin & his staff took me through my first consultation and on the follow ups flawlessly.”

~ Laura