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Your body changes all throughout your life. Even with a healthy lifestyle, the effects of age, pregnancy, or fluctuations in your weight can lead to some unwanted consequences. Body contouring procedures are common across all age groups. Some are done to enhance the shape by adding volume. Some are done to improve curves by removing excess tissue. If you are dissatisfied with the overall appearance of your body due to the signs of aging or other factors, a board-certified plastic surgeon can help.

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What is Body Contouring Surgery?

Body contouring surgery is the term used to describe procedures that sculpt the shape of the body. These are different than breast surgeries, which add curves through volume increase. Our body contouring procedures generally focus on removing excess fatty tissue and skin in areas where these concerns are most common, such as the abdomen, thighs, and backs of the arms. Body contouring is an outpatient experience that may involve a local anesthetic and sedation or general anesthesia. Regardless of the exact technique that you select, you can trust that Dr. Austin performs every procedure with an eye for the most optimal outcome.

Who Can Perform Body Contouring Procedures?

General surgeons sometimes perform body contouring procedures. However, your board-certified plastic surgeon has additional training that revolves around precise techniques for specific areas of the body. In fact, your plastic surgeon first completed general surgery training. They then moved on to receive additional subspecialty training in a variety of facial, breast, and body procedures. Having a body contouring procedure is about more than refining your shape. The outcome of your procedures has a significant emotional, physical, and psychological impact that affects your quality of life. We want that impact to be as positive as it possibly can be. So, while we may seem biased, we highly suggest that you receive body contouring from a board-certified plastic surgeon.

According to a study that evaluated data from the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program from 2005to 2015, patients who received body contouring from a plastic surgeon were less likely to experience wound complications, infections, and prolonged recovery than those who received surgery from a general surgeon. This is not to say that general surgeons are not qualified doctors. They certainly are, but a plastic surgeon may be a much better choice for your body contouring procedure.

How Long Does Body Contouring Last?

The results of your body contouring procedure may not be indefinite, but they can be very long-lasting. The aging process will affect your skin tone and elasticity at some point. However, much of the benefit of body contouring is in the sculpting of your fatty tissue and connective tissue. You can sustain your new shape with healthy habits such as maintaining a stable weight, using broad-spectrum sunscreen on a daily basis, taking great care of your skin, and getting enough rest. When you sleep, your body engages in tissue repair cycles that might slow down your aging process.

Is Body Contouring Safe?

As long as you seek body contouring treatment from a qualified doctor with a proven history of success and safety, you can expect your case to be handled with the utmost care. In general, body contouring procedures are considered very safe due to the safety guidelines that are followed by board-certified plastic surgeons like Dr. Austin. In addition to surgical performance, your outcome and risk of complications will be influenced by your adherence to your surgical care instructions. Our friendly team is here to answer any questions that arise before your surgery or during your recovery period. With clear instructions and proper support, body contouring patients enjoy relatively easy recovery and satisfying outcomes.

Is Body Contouring Surgery Painful?

Plastic surgery procedures involve making incisions and manipulating superficial tissue as needed to sculpt your shape. Each is performed using a suitable form of anesthesia. Some of the more conservative procedures may be performed using a local anesthetic and sedation. For example, some more minor liposuction surgeries may be safely and comfortably performed using this method. Longer or more complex procedures such as abdominoplasty are performed using general anesthesia. Both situations are common and both are highly effective at ensuring patient comfort.

You can expect mild to moderate discomfort after a body contouring procedure. The surgical area may feel tight, sore, tender, or achy. Your prescription pain medication should significantly improve your comfort during the first, most intense days of recovery. You may feel well enough to use only an over-the-counter pain reliever after three or four days. To move past surgical pain as quickly as possible, we encourage you to rest quite a lot during your first week after surgery. Doing so supports those natural repair processes that occur when you sleep!

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