Should I Choose BOTOX® or Dysport®?

Among aesthetic treatments and non-invasive cosmetic procedures, dermal injectables or fillers have become a popular option to treat and potentially reverse the signs of aging. Although each type of filler addresses a particular dermal issue, they offer a safe, effective and convenient way to achieve or keep a youthful look. Of the dermal fillers available,… Read More

How Many BOTOX® Treatments Will I Need?

BOTOX® has long been one of the most common dermal injectables to help prevent or reduce the appearance of fine lines on the face, especially around the eyes and forehead. BOTOX® for cosmetic use has been approved by the FDA and is generally well tolerated by most people. The treatments are nearly pain-free, and there… Read More

Is Too Much Botox a Thing?

Botox is one of the leading beauty treatments among adults of all ages. It has been for nearly two decades. With this cosmetic drug being a household name, there is often very little question about its safety and efficiency. Most people who get Botox are extremely happy they have this solution to dynamic wrinkles. Still,… Read More


Botox: What’s Your Approach?

As we go through life, we associate certain milestones with age. Getting our driver’s license, for example, or gaining the ability to go to a nightclub. Recently, we have filed something else under events that make us hyper-aware of our age: lines and wrinkles. We all know that we are going to notice crow’s feet… Read More

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