Botox: What’s Your Approach?

brunette female receiving BOTOX injection to her temples. BOTOX Salem, OR As we go through life, we associate certain milestones with age. Getting our driver’s license, for example, or gaining the ability to go to a nightclub. Recently, we have filed something else under events that make us hyper-aware of our age: lines and wrinkles. We all know that we are going to notice crow’s feet and smile lines at some point. It isn’t acceptance of this fact that is the struggle. The struggle is deciding how we want to handle facial aging – and the struggle is real. Fortunately, Botox can come to the rescue in more ways than one.

Facing the Inevitable

There is no way that we can fully embrace the emotional roller-coaster of life without getting some wrinkles. A person who goes through her days without a smile, a frown, or any noticeable facial expression is blunting her experience – and possibly diminishing her relationships. For the most part, we are all going to emote with our faces, and this means our muscles will be working time and time again. Over time, the lines caused by raising the eyebrows or squinting the eyes or laughing or crying become embedded. Once lines are permanent, they are more difficult to treat than they would have been when they were visible only during facial expression. This is why we talk about prevention.

Botox Rescue #1 – Prevention

In recent years, more adults have been treated with Botox in a preventive manner. The conservative use of this or other neuromodulators decreases the intensity of muscle contractions that could lead to permanent lines on the forehead and other areas. Botox need not “freeze” your facial muscles. When used sparingly, as it can be when lines are minimal, all a neuromodulator needs to do is soften the strength of muscle contractions during facial expressions.

Botox Rescue #2 – Correction

Don’t believe that Botox can’t help you if you’ve already developed a deep crease between your brows or across your forehead. Remember, Botox was initially used as a corrective measure for the signs of aging, not a preventative one. Treating crow’s feet, frown lines, and even a downturned mouth is well within Botox’s realm of capabilities.

We can help you address your cosmetic concerns with treatment that is tailored to your needs and objectives. Learn more, or schedule your visit to our Salem, OR office at 503-561-7000.

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