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Mommy Makeover Treatment: What You Need to Know

Mommy Makeover Salem, OR Motherhood presents a woman with numerous fulfilling and meaningful experiences. As satisfied as a woman may be with her parental role, she may also be equally dissatisfied with the way her body has changed after carrying a child. After pregnancy and breastfeeding, there may be no going back to what was once the norm. There is, however, a path forward to a new and improved appearance. In our Salem, Oregon office, we walk women through a mommy makeover designed just for them. At the end of their journey, they can look at their body with newfound love and appreciation.

Are you considering a mommy makeover? We’d like you to know a few things about this transformational series of treatments.

  • There is more to the mommy makeover than surgery. Surgical procedures like breast lift, breast augmentation, liposuction, and abdominoplasty can dramatically improve body contours. However, it is important to note that the women who enjoy the best results from their mommy makeover are those who have held a stable weight for several months before surgery and who have developed healthy eating and exercise habits to support long-term results.
  • There is more to recovery than you may think. A mommy makeover is a comprehensive process. The physical effects of surgery are only the beginning. After the customized combination of procedures, a woman may experience intense emotions. It is imperative that sufficient emotional and physical support is available at all times. Family and friends who will provide that support need to be aware of the potential for moodiness. Everyone involved needs to have one priority: mom’s rest. Interestingly, the person who will struggle the most with staying put is usually Mom.
  • Oopsie! It cannot be said that every woman who has undergone a mommy makeover maintains her stance on future pregnancies. In fact, many women do conceive at some point after their lift, suck, and tuck. While surgeons try to discourage women from undergoing multiple procedures when they know they want more children, a surgical makeover will not affect the success of a subsequent pregnancy. If anything, the subsequent pregnancy affects the success of the mommy makeover.

You can feel great about your body, and you deserve to. For more information on mommy makeover procedures, call (503) 561-7000.

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