Is Too Much Botox a Thing?

Botox is one of the leading beauty treatments among adults of all ages. It has been for nearly two decades. With this cosmetic drug being a household name, there is often very little question about its safety and efficiency. Most people who get Botox are extremely happy they have this solution to dynamic wrinkles. Still, even with all the success, Botox could have some unwanted effects. This primarily relates to getting too much of the drug. Here, we discuss how this can happen, what too much Botox can do to the face, and what can be done to prevent unnecessary stress after Botox treatment.

How People Get Too Much Botox

Botox may be one of the most popular professional treatments today but that does not mean every professional who offers this treatment can do a good job. With insufficient experience or training, an injector may administer too much of the drug in one area, resulting in unwanted effects. Another circumstance that may be even more common is that a person does not wait long enough to allow Botox to wear off before getting touch-up treatment. It isn’t enough to follow the general guideline of every 3 to 4 months. Botox can last 6 months or longer. Ultimately, you are the best judge of your touch-up schedule. The clues you need are in the mirror.

What Too Much Botox Looks Like

Long ago, it was assumed that too much Botox would “freeze the face.” This is one of a few different consequences that could occur. Too much Botox can result in the inability to make any facial expression other than a smile. The lower face and the upper face are not in harmony when it comes to emoting. Additional problems that may occur include:

  • The eyebrows are raised too high on the forehead or have a dramatic arch. This makes the face look surprised.
  • The eyebrows fall lower, pushing down on the upper eyelids and causing them to look heavy and hooded.
  • The face becomes lopsided. This is a problem of migration and is, fortunately, uncommon. When Botox diffuses away from its intended muscle, the affected side of the face can become droopy.

Botox can achieve excellent results that bring months and months of rewards. For the best opportunity to get results you will love, schedule a Botox consultation with an experienced professional. We would love to schedule an appointment for you at our Salem, OR office. Call 503-561-7000 today.

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