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How the Facelift Procedure Meets the Unique Needs of Men

Facelift surgery dark haired, light eyed male in tie smiling with a fresh face has long been a favorite method of correcting moderate facial aging. This procedure has been consistently performed more than 100,000 times a year for several years running. It has been encouraging to witness the transformation of facelift surgery from a practice in over-correction to one that beautifully restores younger-looking facial contours without looking “done.” Also encouraging has been the increase in openness about surgical facial rejuvenation.

Contrary to conventional conception, facelift surgery is advantageous for women and men. In fact, it has been estimated that 15% of the facelifts performed last year alone were sought by men. The surge in interest among men brings up a need for discussion. In particular, is facelift surgery different for men? It is. Here’s how:

Differences in Hair Growth

Generally, men have hair follicles that are larger than what most women have. Men’s hair is thicker and may be curlier, especially on the face. Therefore, when a surgeon performs facelift surgery on the male face, there is a need to work carefully around the hair follicles on the cheek area. Facelifts often involve incisions around the ear, which means we also need to be mindful of the location of incisions around the hairline.

Differences in Facial Structure

Most people are aware of the marked differences between the average masculine face versus the feminine face. For example, we naturally observe softer cheekbones and jaw structure as feminine. When facelift surgery is performed, subtle nuances of the male facial structure are observed. These include the angular nature of skeletal structure across the cheeks and jawline, the location of vascular structures, and the thickness of the skin and superficial tissue.

Recognizing the physical difference between men’s and women’s faces enables the experienced surgeon to meet preferential expectations as well. While many men do request that we preserve and enhance the sharpness of their facial structure during facelift surgery, this is not a universal desire. We see the uniqueness in every situation and person and conduct surgical procedures with the objective of bringing authentic beauty to the forefront, where it belongs.

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