Young and healthy woman in plastic surgery

Are You Ready for Your Plastic Surgery Journey?

Young and healthy woman in plastic surgery Over the years, plastic surgery has become far more of an “accepted” thing than ever before. These procedures are no longer reserved for the select few. Now, both men and women are benefitting from cosmetic enhancements, whether it be breast augmentation, tummy tuck surgery, liposuction, facelift surgery, or a combination. While the increased accessibility of plastic surgery is a good thing, the popularity and perceived ease of it can sometimes make you forget that plastic surgery is still a significant commitment—one that requires both physical and mental preparation.

The Physical Side

Ensuring that you are physically prepared for surgery will significantly improve both your recovery and the quality of results. Any procedure you undergo will require you to be in good general health and at a stable weight. During your consultation, Dr. Austin will provide you with recommendations on how to prepare for the big day. Some of these will be requirements, such as quitting all tobacco use (since this increases the chance of complications both during surgery as well as during recovery). Other recommendations include when to stop using medication, what types of foods you should have both before and after surgery, and the importance of staying hydrated. It is vital that you listen and follow these recommendations so that you can ensure optimal results.

The Mental Side

Although this can often be overlooked, being mentally prepared for surgery is just as important as being physically prepared. It’s important to understand why you desire surgery before you make the final decision. Are you making this choice for you? Or do you want to please someone else? Or do you only want to fit into what you think the “social norm” is? By asking yourself questions beforehand, you will be prepared to handle the mental side of your recovery. Even though recovery seems as though it would be limited to only the physical side, your emotional state plays a huge factor in the speed and ease of your recovery. The more optimistic you remain, the more confident you are in your decision, and this confidence will speed along the process and help with any discomfort you might have. Recovery will no doubt include at least some physical pain; however, if you remember and focus on the reasons why you have chosen to do this and the results that you are going to get out of it, then you’ll make it through your recovery with flying colors.

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