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Treating Breast Asymmetry

Breast Augmentation Salem, OR It is so easy to assume that breasts fit into a nice category of shape. Sure, it is common knowledge that some women don’t like the size of their breasts. Some wish to have their breasts enlarged, and others want to reduce breast size. This is widely accepted as normal. What most people don’t consider is the concept of asymmetry. Breast symmetry is not a given. Some women live with such substantial imbalance from the size of one breast to the other that they are forced to rely on a breast form to modify the smaller side. Here, we want to discuss the issue of asymmetry and what we can to do correct it for good.

Variance in Breast Size

It isn’t uncommon for a woman to notice a slight difference in breast size from left to right. However, the deviation is usually so subtle that one has to look for it. Clothes still fit well, and bras are not a challenge. Usually, asymmetry is not medically concerning, either. The exception is a sudden change in the size of one breast. If this is noticed, breasts should be examined to discover the cause of the transformation.

Correcting Cosmetic Breast Asymmetry

One could presume that the way to harmony between the breasts is through augmentation surgery. However, there is a need to address a woman’s preferences, as well. Not all women want breast implants, even if asymmetry is a problem. Surgical planning involves careful consideration of size differential and size preference. It isn’t always necessary to increase the size of the smaller breast. Alternatives to breast augmentation for asymmetry include reduction of the larger breast and lifting of one or both breasts. Additionally, Dr. Austin may alter the size of one or both areolae and nipples as necessary to gain balanced beauty.

Breast asymmetry is a unique situation that may require complementary procedures to achieve the desired outcome. Correcting imbalance with appropriate techniques produces many benefits, the most significant being a dramatic increase in self-confidence.

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