Liposuction and Healthy Habits: It’s Not One or the Other

Liposuction has been a popular plastic surgery procedure for many years. Why? Because it works! This fat-reducing technique is often misperceived. Some mistake it for a weight-loss procedure. Some think that fat-reduction through liposuction is an easy way to bypass a healthy diet and exercise routine. This idea about liposuction being an easy way out is false and should be debunked so those who can benefit from this procedure don’t hold themselves back. Here, we point out a few reasons why liposuction and healthy habits go very well together.

Get a Motivation Boost from Liposuction

If you’ve already started an exercise routine and have been eating healthy, you are ready to see results. It’s no secret that we aren’t very good at waiting. When we want to get healthy, we also want to get slimmer. Whether that is your goal or you’re frustrated that your workouts haven’t produced the muscle tone you thought you’d be able to see, liposuction could give you the boost of motivation you need. Liposuction can minimize the circumference of areas like the hips or thighs, letting you continue your healthy habits with a greater sense of satisfaction. This procedure can also remove the layer of fat that is hiding your muscle definition, allowing you to see just how far you’ve come at reaching your goal of a great body.

Get a Boost of Confidence

If you’re new to your diet and exercise routine and have a few extra pounds that are hanging around stubborn areas, you may feel more than a little self-conscious. Most of the workout clothes that people find comfortable and trendy are tight-fitting. Loose clothing can hide excess fat but can also get in the way of a comfortable workout. Liposuction is a great jumping-off point for many people, slimming specific areas to improve appearance and confidence when going to the gym or other exercise studio.

Spot-Reduction is Real!

While we encourage our patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle regardless of body-contouring treatment, we know that good habits can’t prevent every problem. Using diet and exercise alone, it is not possible to spot reduce fat. Using liposuction, it is. This procedure is an excellent option for people struggling with heavier thighs, back fat, a double-chin, enlarged male breasts, and more.

Liposuction is not an easy way out of stubborn fat. While it’s easy, it is a great complement to good daily habits that promote a slim, fit physique. Learn more about liposuction and what it can do for you. Call our Salem, OR office at 503-561-7000 to schedule a consultation.

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