Cases in BREAST

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Breast Reconstruction

May 8, 2020

46 year old female with left breast cancer.  The patient desired the most natural shape, and slightly larger if possible.  Click on the additional views to follow her reconstructive journey.

Breast Reconstruction

52 year old female with diagnosis of breast cancer, treated with chemotherapy prior to surgery.


42 year old female with breast ptosis following breast feeding, desires fullness and uplifting.

Breast Reduction with Wise Pattern Mastopexy

November 20, 2017

52 year old female presented with macromastia and significant breast ptosis.  Patient 5’4”, 167 lbs.  Reported 34 G Cup Brassiere, desired D Cup. Pre-Op Photos: Pre-operative plan for bilateral breast reduction with wise pattern mastopexy Post-Op Photos: Following bilateral breast reduction. Incisions extended posteriorly to excise redundant tissue along lateral breast and chest

Breast Reduction

June 30, 2017

55 year old female, 5’3, 138 lbs, 36 DD Bra, with bilateral macromastia, presents for breast reduction

Left Breast Reduction

60 year old female with significant breast asymmetry.  Treated with unilateral left breast reduction

Breast Augmentation

31 year old female requesting breast augmentation, 5’7, 149 lbs, 34 B Padded Bra. Following breast augmentation.  Subpectoral placement of smooth round, high profile gel implants, 435 cc

Breast Augmentation

22 year old female 5’6, 170 lbs, 34C cup, requesting bilateral breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation

January 15, 2017

45 year old female for breast augmentation.  Implants used were Allergan moderate profile smooth round gel implants, 371 cc.

Breast Reconstruction

July 26, 2015

59 year old female presented with a history of prior right breast modified radical mastectomy.  She was reconstructed with a pedicled TRAM flap and left breast augmentation-mastopexy.  Click on additional views to follow her reconstructive journey.


48 year old female requested a reduction in the size of her areolae, and a subtle breast uplift.

Breast Augmentation with Lift

35 year old female presented with loss of breast volume and ptosis.  She was treated with a breast augmentation-mastopexy with smooth round implants.

Breast Augmentation

29 year old female requesting bilateral breast augmentation with a more “natural” appearance. Smooth round implants were utilized.


46 year old male presented with localized breast fullness.  He was treated with open glandular resection and liposuction.

Breast Reduction

36 year old female presented with a several year history of symptomatic macromastia, with upper back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain. She was treated with a Wise pattern breast reduction.

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