Is Your Merriest Holiday Hanging by a Thread?

mature female in yellow dress holding a platter of roast chicken for her family The time of year that many people look forward to the most is about to emerge after months of waiting. Once it does, all bets are off in terms of self care. As much as we tell ourselves that we will get our allotted number of hours of sleep and rejuvenating downtime, we may quickly rearrange our schedule to accommodate tasks or obligations. We may even forget our promise to ourselves to pamper a little or address the cosmetic concerns we don’t want to take into the New Year. Before your holiday season gets hectic, we invite you to consider just how easy it can be to feel your best without any necessary downtime.

Have You Heard of Nova Threads?

Nova Threads treatment is a type of thread lift. This nonsurgical facial lifting technique initially emerged just before the turn of the century. Early treatments involved the insertion of nonabsorbable threads. In 2010, this changed. The human body needs to break down threads inserted for facial rejuvenation. These came in the form of polydioxanone, or PDO threads.

Before the PDO thread lift, polydioxanone sutures had a home in trauma, OBGYN, Plastic, and Cardiothoracic surgeries. They have a decades-long, high safety profile for being strong and elastic, just what the body needs. One of the primary details of the PDO thread is that it can be degraded by the immune system in about 4 to 6 months. This isn’t a bad thing, it does what it needs to before it leaves.

The purpose of the cosmetic PDO thread is to immediately lift superficial tissue while also stimulating an inflammatory response that will bring more collagen into the dermis and epidermis.

It doesn’t take much time to recognize what this has to do with your holiday season. One of the things that many people say as they look at pictures of themselves after their holiday parties is “I look old!” Well, you don’t have to feel that way this year. A NOVATHREAD lift can take an hour or less and can be performed to address your most pressing concerns.

Some of the areas commonly treated with NOVATHREADS include:

  • Lips, which lose contour and definition with age.
  • Forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck, on which the skin can thin and drop with age.
  • Brows and jawline, which tend to droop and sag with age.

Whether you’re ready for NOVATHREADS or not, we can help you be ready for the holidays. This nonsurgical lift treatment requires no downtime and can be combined with injectables for more noticeable results soon after your visit. For more information on our convenient nonsurgical treatments, call 503-561-7000 and schedule a visit to our Salem, OR office.

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