Unlock Beautiful Skin with DermaSweep

Dermasweep Exfoliating the skin is a great way to look and feel younger and healthier. Your skin has a natural glow you love, but it eventually fades. DermaSweep is the next innovation in exfoliation, combining it with circulation and infusion solutions for your best skin yet.

What Is DermaSweep, and Why Is It Effective?

DermaSweep is a microfusion facial treatment that’s far from your average exfoliation session. The micro surfacing treatment benefits your skin in many ways, and it’s an all-in-one treatment.

The infusion solutions include vitamins and minerals formulated for your skin, from vitamin C to peptides and growth factors. The ingredients improve the efficacy of the treatment, so many patients look more refreshed in only one session.

DermaSweep encourages the lymph nodes to drain, ensuring more nutrients end up in your bloodstream. The higher rate of oxygenation from the treatment sends those nutrients to where they need to be. Your cells can then use them to produce more collagen.

The exfoliating element of DermaSweep can improve skin texture, even tone, and reduce blemishes and imperfections. You’ll also have that coveted glow.

Is DermaSweep the Same as Microdermabrasion?

Although DermaSweep is sometimes compared to microdermabrasion, it’s not the same. Microdermabrasion exfoliates the skin with fine, small crystals, whereas DermaSweep relies on gentle bristles. DermaSweep also has the additional benefits of more nutrients and better circulation.

How Long Do DermaSweep Results Last?

You will have youthful, rosy skin for about a week after receiving one round of DermaSweep. Some patients have a glow for up to 10 days. Although you will see results after your first session, it’s recommended you undergo between three and six sessions. Each should be no more than 14 days apart. After the procedure, you will receive care instructions to follow at home. Follow this routine daily to extend the results.

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