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Wintertime is a Great Time to Think about Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Salem, OR It typically isn’t until the weather starts to warm up that we consider how much we’d like to look and feel great wearing shorts, skirts, and bathing suits. Historically, laser hair removal was something discussed more in the realm of how a woman could feel confident with her legs. More recently, though, people see the expanded benefits of the permanent reduction in hair growth. Men are some of the most interested clients, and women are seeking laser hair removal for far more than their legs. Here, we discuss why now is a great time to schedule your laser hair removal treatment.

The primary reason that we could promote laser hair removal long before summertime is because, by starting now, you won’t have to wait to see the results you want. When treatments begin during wintertime, up to 90 percent of the hair growth cycle is disrupted before summer. This may sound more significant than it is. As soon as you undergo your first laser treatment, there is a good chance you will be done shaving, plucking, or waxing for good. So even if you don’t begin your skin-smoothing process until spring, you’ll be in good shape.

We think that the science of laser hair removal provides more reason to begin the process when the weather is cold, and there is a stronger urge to stay indoors.

The way that laser hair removal works is that each pulse of laser light enters individual hair follicles. Hundreds of follicles absorb this light simultaneously. More precisely, light is absorbed by the hair in each follicle. Even more precisely, light is absorbed into the pigment of the hair. When this happens, the light immediately transfers to heat. The thermal reaction causes hair to vaporize. Also, the heat touches the internal walls of each follicle, causing controlled damage that affects future hair growth.

A key element to success follicle disabling is hair; first, its presence and, second, its color. As you know, hair grows in a cycle; there are active and resting phases to the cycle. Hair that is in the active phase will grow into the follicle where it can absorb laser energy. Furthermore, hair that is darker in contrast to skin color is more likely to absorb this energy. And herein lies the reason to undergo laser hair removal in the wintertime.

  • Typically, skin is lighter during the winter because we aren’t spending time in the sun and, even when we do, its rays are less intense.
  • After each laser hair removal treatment, it is necessary to protect the skin from sunlight. UV exposure can cause unnecessary irritation and also affect the results of future treatments in the recommended series.

Give yourself the gift of gorgeous, hair-free skin. Call our Salem, OR office at 503-561-7000 to schedule your consultation for laser hair removal.

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