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Threadlift, Salem, OR Youthful beauty does not revolve around smooth, tight skin. As early scientists have suggested, we understand that youthfulness originates in the overall shape of the face. Specifically, in the way that width is distributed from the top of the face to the bottom. When we are young, there is more width at the top of the face and a narrowing effect that ends at the point of the chin, like a V. As we age, the natural V-shape gradually inverts and the lower part of the face becomes the wider region.

Historically, the sagging and drooping that occurs with age has been corrected with surgical lift procedures. Even as we have begun to rely more on non-surgical treatments such as dermal fillers and Botox, there has been a strong need for techniques which address the need for a durable scaffold beneath the skin. In our Salem office, we help patients accomplish this with minimally invasive thread lift treatment that lifts and restores naturally beautiful contours.

Our thread lift involves NovaThread filaments, in which two powerful options are available.

What is a thread lift?

In general, a thread lift is a non-surgical technique that uses biocompatible, biodegradable sutures to restore structure where it has declined, usually anywhere from the cheeks to the neck and even other areas of the body. The development of the thread lift has been a game-changer in plastic surgery, but it isn’t enough to have a general approach. This is what makes NovaThread lifts so special. Two options that our patients can consider include:

  • Nu-Mesh lift, which utilizes a smooth suture to tighten the skin from the inside out. Nu-Mesh inserts the smooth thread in a # configuration. Threads may be inserted horizontally or vertically depending on the direction in which we wish to encourage tissue. Because the thread is smooth, Nu-Mesh is well-suited to individuals with minimal signs of aging.
  • Nu-Lift treatment involves the insertion of “barbed” or “coned” sutures. The small points on the thread may protrude in one direction or in a bi-directional pattern. These cones grip dermal tissue for a more dramatic but still natural-looking lift.

After either lift method, the presence of the PDO threads provokes a prolonged increase in collagen production. Therefore, the immediate lift that is achieved in our office only gets better as the months pass. The typical thread lift can achieve results that last approximately two years.

Dr. Austin is a board-certified plastic surgeon who is dedicated to conservative, personalized care. Learn more about our thread lift options by calling our Salem office at 503-561-7000.

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